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Best Service Providers For VoIP

Many phone users will want to do more with their devices since VoIP is very similar to their landlines, they can enjoy its services and benefits. With a cheaper monthly subscription, you’ll see that your bills will be reduced and you’ll be able to talk more with your friends. When you’ll conclude a contract with a VoIP service provider, you’ll be sent an adapter – ATA, along with a phone number. You’ll need an internet connection, so you’ll pay separate bill for that, but cumulated, your monthly costs will decrease drastically.

In case you’re interested in learning more about VoIP services providers, we’ll give you a list with seven of the best ones.

This provider offers one of the best deals, beating many of its competitors with the $16.95 per month subscription, loaded with tones of features, plus softphone that comes with the service, also the second line and the voicemail features which will be available on your phone. With, you’ll get a Grandstream ATA shipped free and within 30 days, in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you’ll get your money back.


Just download KNCTR – Free Phone App and get unlimited calling in the US, Canada. You can enjoy all of its 25 features and.


They might not have the lowest price, but at least the call quality is decent, they offer customer service and great features and the adapter costs around 40 dollars, which is refundable when returning it within 14 days.


This provider is awesome for those who use to make international calls, because it offers affordable service plans designed specifically for calls outside the US, without affecting the local calls. You’ll want to know more about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme, which means that you can use your own device and sign up with a fee that starts from $5.95 a month. Plus, the service is compatible with many SIP-capable devices and if you’re dissatisfied with the service, you’ll get your money back, within 30 days.


The cheap price is what this service has to offer, but you’ll be tied up with the company in the next year. Even so, you’ll have many cool features that you can use and you are able to save money from not being to purchase their devices. If you change your mind and want you money back, you’ll have 14 days to think about it.


This is a very important provider, being known for hosting PBX and MobileTalk. Their price is $24.95 and if you want to call unlimited in other countries, you’ll have to pay $5 more dollars. There is a 30-days trial period and you’ll have to pay a termination fee. Instead of ATA, you’ll get an IP phone and their softphone is free.

AT&T CallVantage

Usually, small businesses use this service and they pay a higher price, but they’re not complaining about the quality, because they get a lot of great features. However, to activate or to terminate the contract, you’ll pay a fee of $29.99 and there isn’t a trial period with a total refund in case you change your mind about continuing the service.