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Best Ways to Speed Up Your 3G Connection With Ease

Nowadays, nobody wants slow internet connection, that’s for sure. It’s quite frustrating to see your videos freezing while you are watching a new trailer, or a new music video of your favorite band. Now, thanks to a hack found by bahathir, a member of XDA forums, you will be able to fix/improve your 3G connection on your phone.

First of all, keep in mind that any operation which involves rooting a device can cause problems.

Speeding up your 3G data

In order to optimize your connection, you will have to modify the file that contains the internet configuration settings, which your device uses for connecting to the internet. You can enable the Van Jacobson TCP/IP header compression that will increase your 3G speed. Many users have reported that following the next steps doubled their 3G data speed, but this feature might not work on all the carriers.

What you will need to speed up your 3G data connection

– Options.7z archive which can be found on XDA forums
– Root permission on your device
– ES File manager

How to speed up your 3G data connection

First of all, download the options.7z from XDA forums and extract it with an archive manager such as the 7Zip. After you extract the file, you will see a file named options, which you will need to copy on your microSD or somewhere you will remember.

Install and open the ES File Manager (or another file manager) and give it root permissions by going to Menu->Root Explorer->On->confirm. After that, open the ES File Manager and go to the option file you saved and then tap and hold on it and select copy.

Then, go to System->etc->ppp folder and paste the file there and change the file’s option by tapping and holding: more->properties->edit permissions->enable all three permissions in readable (owner, group, other) and deactivate the three in writing, and activate three in execute. After that tap “ok”, and you will see your file permissions as “r-x r-x r-x”.

Restart your phone

Now you’re done, restart your device and check to see if your 3G speed has been increased. You can check your speed test by going to specific websites that were created specifically for this purpose.